Regional Win-Win Cooperation


ZRCC is the leading enterprise in Zhejiang petrochemical industry. Ethylene project can directly pull over 100 billion Yuan downstream industry, indirectly pull 1:30 downstream industry. It is the new engine for Ningbo future regional economic development. Ningbo chemical zone successfully became the first national economic & technological development zone in the name of petrochemicals approved by National Council on December 30, 2010 with the support of ZRCC large refining and ethylene units.

As the key enterprise of Ningbo petrochemical economic & technological development zone (NPETD), ZRCC actively jumped out of the enterprise walls and actively promoted the optimization of regional resources to promote the mutual development of upstream and downstream products. ZRCC actively cooperates with neighboring enterprises to promote the development of local economy, assist the local regional resource co-ordination, promote the inclusive development of ZRCC and local enterprises, and create a good atmosphere for win-win cooperation. In 2016, the bidirectional material supply between the company and NPETD amounted to over 20 kinds with weight of about 2 million tons.

Based on these, combining 7 petrochemical base construction plan of national petrochemical industrial plan and ZRCC will further explore transforming development. It will make contribution for making NPETD become high-end, green and competitive world class petrochemical base.​