Introduction of ZRCC Open-Days

The production nature of petrochemical enterprises determines that their environmental protection is concerned by society especially the surrounding residents. To enhance public understanding and trust, the communication platform between enterprises and public must be established to implement harmonious development among enterprises, society and environment. ZRCC Open-Days are organized by ZRCC and Publicity Department of Zhenhai District Party Committee. It is held regularly, and open to register for Netizens, volunteers, surrounding residents as well as villagers of the location, students and teachers.

In 2016, Sinopec created the brand of "Sinopec open days" by unified planning and upgrading, and granted ZRCC as the first batch of demonstration units. At present, open-day activities are carried out throughout the whole Sinopec group, which has become the model for central SOEs to operate with opening up.

The first Open-Day was held on January 25, 2013. By the end of 2020, all together 239 such activities were held, with representatives visiting more than 10300 person-times. The activity of open-day includes site visiting and discussion. The interpreting material may update constantly. The topics for discussion to some extent may be sharp, sensitive and hot, often focus on safety, environmental protection, oil product upgrading and social responsibility. Currently, the activity of ZRCC Open-Day has been institutionalized, normalized and procedural, thus resulting in good interactive situation among government, enterprises and public. ZRCC has realized “cloud opening” in 2020.

By inviting public representatives to enter ZRCC can make them fully understand the real situation of ZRCC. Thus, they may know not only the production processes, but also petrochemicals role in people life and economic development. In addition, they could understand petrochemical employees’ dedication and hardworking, while make sense of the petrochemical environmental protection and technology. Through such kind of popularity of petrochemical basic knowledge, we hope to clear up social misunderstanding and prejudice to petrochemical enterprises. We are very glad to have such comment from one public representative, this is a news survey on entering science TV program, telling truth is the best lecture made by ZRCC employees.​