0# Vehicle Diesel (China VIA)

0# Vehicle Diesel (China V)  
Product Introduction

Water-white, light yellow or yellow green liquid. It is used as fuel for diesel engine locomotives, ships, generator units, and drilling equipment. Its quality conforms to China VIA standard. As a flammable liquid, it should be kept away from open flame, spark, and heat sources, and be stored in storage tanks and drums with necessary safety space left; the drum should be stored in a cool warehouse with ventilation.

Product Transportation

The transportation tanker (tank truck) should be equipped with grounding chain, and perforated plate could be set in the tank to reduce static generated from vibration. The exhaust pipe of the vehicle must be equipped with fire retardant device. The Use of mechanical handling equipment and tools, which are prone to spark, are prohibited. In summer, the transportation should be done in morning or evening to prevent exposure in sunlight.​