Ethylene Oxide for Industrial Use

Ethylene Oxide for Industrial Use  
Product Introduction

Colorless gas. Heavier than air; freely soluble in water and most organic solvents; extremely flammable; explosive under high temperature and open flame; boiling point: 10.73℃; flash point: -17.8 ℃; explosion limit: 3.0-100%; EO-air mixture will be combustible when EO content is higher than 3%; exothermic decomposition reaction will happen when EO concentration reaches 100%; there is no upper explosion limit for EO. Mainly used to produce ethylene glycol, surfactant, detergent, plasticizer and resins, etc

Product Transportation

The transportation vehicle should be provided with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire equipment, and its exhaust pipe must be equipped with fire retardant device. The Use of mechanical handling equipment and tools, which are prone to spark, are prohibited. Transportation together with other items (such as acids, alkalis, alcohols, and food chemicals) is strictly prohibited. In summer, the transportation should be done in morning or evening to prevent exposure in sunlight. The vehicle should stop away from fire and heat sources. Road transport should be in accordance with the stipulated route, the vehicle is prohibited to stop in residential areas and densely populated areas​