Polymer Grade Propylene

Polymer Grade Propylene  
Product Introduction

Colorless gas with a slight odor specific to hydrocarbons. It is Insoluble in water, but soluble in ethanol. Due to the nature of extremely flammable, it can form an explosive mixture once mixed with air, have risks of combustion and explosion in the presence of heat sources and open flame. It is mainly used to produce polypropylene, also can be used to produce acrylonitrile, isopropanol, phenol, acetone, butanol, octanol, acrylic acid, acrylic ester, propylene oxide, propylene glycol, epichlorohydrin.

Product Transportation

The transportation vehicle should be provided with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire equipment, and its exhaust pipe must be equipped with fire retardant device. The Use of mechanical handling equipment and tools, which are prone to spark, are prohibited. Transportation together with other items (such as oxidants, halogen) is strictly prohibited. In summer, the transportation should be done in morning or evening to prevent exposure in sunlight. The vehicle should stop away from fire and heat sources​