Egret Global Slow TV Platform Released

On the occasion of June 30, Zhejiang Ecological Day, the biodiversity forum and the release ceremony of Egret Global Slow TV Platform were held in the Egret Nature Reserve of ZRCC. It was announced that China's first Egret Global Slow TV Platform with panoramic views “I-EGRET” was officially released. The public all over the world could watch the whole process of egret nesting, laying eggs, hatching, being out of shells, feeding and flying via the Slow TV, and immersive themselves in the ecological beauty of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, energy and environment.

Zhao Dong, President of Sinopec Group, delivered a speech in form of video.

Tu Ruihe, Head of China Office of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), congratulated the online release of the “Egret Global Slow TV Platform” in video.

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