ZRCC holds a work meeting with SEI

    Onthe morning of January 22, ZRCC held a work meeting with SEI.

    Mo Dingge, ZRCC CEO, stated that ZRCC would make more scientific overall planningof the construction force and pay close attention to the safety and quality inthe next few months. Together with all participating units, ZRCC would createall necessary conditions, provide all convenience and make all efforts tocomplete the hard task of Zhenhai base by June 30, so as to ensure the success startupof the project.

    Wu Defei, SEI President, stated that SEI would take the initiative to play theadvantages of EPC general contracting, which integrates design, procurement andconstruction, improve the operation efficiency of the team, and lay a goodfoundation for the base construction by June 30.

    SEI Vice President Wang Zhenguo, ZRCC Vice Presidnet Shi Junlin, and heads of relevant departments of both parties attended the work meeting.


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