Corporate Culture

We earnestly implement the Corporate Culture Guidelines of China Petrochemical Corporation (Amended in 2016), cultivate and build the specific culture of our company combining the common features of Sinopec and unique features of our own, then put it into practice in the processes of our operation and business to facilitate the upgrading of our executive force and competitiveness.

1.Corporate mission: better energy for better living

We strive to help people achieve their aspirations for a better life by providing society with cutting-edge technologies, premium products and quality services. We will continue our path towards green and low-carbon sustainable development. Through our production methods, we aim to transform our practices and shape the industry structure so that they help conserve resources and protect the environment. We aim to grow our company together with our stakeholders and strive to ensure that our success is beneficial to all.

2.Corporate vision: to be a world-leading clean energy and chemical company

-- Being sustainable. It implements the development strategies of value-oriented, innovation-driven, resources-optimized, open cooperation, green and low carbon growth. Adjusting itself to the new business environment, Sinopec ZRCC speeds up its transformation and restructuring to improve effectiveness and quality of products so as to sustain its profitability and competitiveness in business.

-- Bringing benefits to all. It prioritizes technology and puts people first in providing high quality products, technologies and services. It endeavors to be a responsible and respectable company to its employees, clients, shareholders, the general public as well as the people in the host countries of its business operations.

-- Being green and highly energy-efficient. With its strength in the core business of energy and chemicals, Sinopec ZRCC endeavors to explore the new energies of shale gas, geothermal energy and biomass. It advances the technologies in green and low-carbon energy, environment-friendly new materials and the clean use of coal.

-- Being a leader. Being a leader is not only in business scale, but also in the quality of products, efficiency, corporate culture and image, international competitiveness, and market-oriented operations. Benchmarking these world leading standards, Sinopec ZRCC is making unremitting efforts to become a world leading company with high-efficiency governance, leading corporate culture, advanced market-oriented and international operations as well as leading technologies, talents and brand.

3.Corporate values: people, responsibility, integrity, excellence, innovation and collaboration

People: We put people first while growing the company. Our research and development is based on the demand of our clients and stakeholders, and centered around providing first-class products and services. We see our employees as the main driving force for growth, and we create good working environment for their career development, enabling them to live a better life.

Responsibility: We are committed to the betterment of both people and society as a whole. We will contribute to both China and our host countries by fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, focusing on economic, legal and philanthropic aspects. Our responsibility also inheres in our products: being a leading international company, it is our responsibility to develop and provide first-class products and services for the benefit of our customers.

Integrity: We honor our commitment and put our words into action. By sticking to the notion of “every drop of oil counts”, we see integrity as the cornerstone of corporate growth and urge every employee to be honest in their actions. We will continue to operate in a law-abiding, honest and disciplined manner, and build a respected corporate image.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do. We promote better corporate working practices including prudence and meticulous attention to detail. In addition, we pursue absolute precision, be it in our production and operations, or in the development of our technology.

Innovation: We aim to become a benchmark of innovation in our industry. To achieve this, we incorporate innovation into our operations, stimulate innovation in the mindset of our employees and encourage innovation throughout our entire business practice – from our management to our development of technology, through to our products and services.

Collaboration: We believe in mutually beneficial collaboration and common growth. We respect international and regional laws, regulations and cultures. We see the value in learning from our peers, and adding value for our customers. Our ultimate goal is to achieve win-win collaboration and common prosperity among all stakeholders.

4.Corporate working style: stringent, meticulous, and practical

While upholding our traditional values of commitment and dedication, we carry out a stringent, meticulous and practical working style throughout corporate operations and management.

Stringent: We make strictness a top priority. We treat work with high standards, cohesive organization, serious attitude and impartial discipline.

Meticulous: Being meticulous is a prerequisite of work. We should carefully inspect every link, procedure and aspect that requires examination or attention. We will spare no efforts in meticulously managing every link and procedure.

Practical: Being practical is a fundamental requirement for every employee. Employees should be honest, seek and speak truth from facts and come down to earth.