Corporate Culture

We earnestly implement the Corporate Culture Construction Outline of Sinopec (2014 Revision), cultivate and build the specific culture of our company combining the common features of Sinopec and unique features of our own, then put it into practice in the processes of our operation and business to facilitate the upgrading of our elective force and competitiveness.

1.Our Mission: Fuel a Better Life

For the sake of a better life, we are committed to providing the advanced technology, higher-quality products and better services to the society, adhering to the path of low-carbon and green development to build the energy-saving and environmental-friendly industrial structure and production mode, and implementing the development strategy of win-win cooperation for the common well-being of all related parties.

2.Our Vision: To Build a People-oriented, World-leading Energy and Chemical Company

——We are committed to building the company that meets the people’s expectations. We will focus on the quality and economics of development, technological advancement, green & low-carbon and people-oriented strategy to provide the first-class products, technology and service to the society while shoulder our due responsibility to meet the expectations of our employees, clients, shareholders and publics.

——We are committed to building the company into a world-class one. Taking the world-class enterprise as the reference, we will spare no efforts to upgrade ourselves to an international leading company with the standard governance, efficient management, world-class technology, talents and brands.

——We are committed to building the company into a green and efficient energy & chemical company. With the energy and chemical sectors as the main businesses, we will carry out the well-planned strategy and structural optimization to reach the target.

3.Core Value: People, Responsibility, Integrity, Precision, Innovation, Win-Win

People- People-oriented development. The development strategy of our company shall be based on the needs of our clients and the public. We will provide a sound environment for the improving and promotion of our employees.

People- People-oriented development. The development strategy of our company shall be based on the needs of our clients and the public. We will provide a sound environment for the improving and promotion of our employees.

Integrity –Keeping promise. We adhere to the concept of Every Drop of Oil is Our Commitment. We take the good faith as the foundation for our business running. We will strengthen the employees’ awareness to follow the rules, procedures and requirements for all activities so as to build the good reputation of the company.

Precision- Precise and improving operation. We will foster the work style of stringent requirements, careful operation, well-planned production and endless technological research to improve our managerial and operational levels.

Innovation- Keeping leading position for excellence. Taking the innovation as the guideline of our business, we will propel the innovations in concept, system, mechanism, management, technology, product and service so as to lead the market and build the benchmark of the industry.

Win-Win- Cooperation for mutual development. We will take an open gesture to cooperate with other companies to introduce their advanced expertise and help our clients upgrade their values, thus to achieve the mutual development and win-win results.

4.Corporate Management C​oncept: Responsibility, Integrity, Precision, Diligence, Modesty & Down-to-earth

Responsibility: Strictly implement the lines, principles and policies of the Party and the State, and decision and deployment of the Party Committee of Sino​​​pec Group; shoulder the political responsibility of practicing the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, and glorious mission of ensuring the national energy security; undertake the economic responsibilities of creating social material wealth and making the Company continuously development; fulfill the social responsibilities to employees, the public and the interested parties.

Integrity: Officials at every level should be wise an​d good at using their wits with innovative thinking in their work, be clean and honest, sober and modest in their lives, and be upright and decent in their conduct. Employees should be down-to-earth, dedicated, hard working, and strive to create first-class performance.

Precision: Fine management should be applied at every field of management, production, technology and business operation.

Diligence: Not only working hard to fulfill each task steadily, but also striving to innovate to pursue excellence.

Modesty: Be mode​​st and prudent, make continuous self-improvement, never indulge in empty talk, and keep low key. Think with heart, plan with devotion, and accomplish in good faith.

Down-to-earth: Focus on practical work, never be impetuous, never slack off, work in practice and difficult spots; seek practical results, never do anything superficial and superfluous, one-tenth for layout and nine-tenths for implementation, create genuine performance with fine style of work.